A brief presentation of our friends

Our horses are not simply animals, but our great friends and family members. Each of them has its own distinct character, which makes them unique. Despite the different features, all of our horses are docile, reliable and accustomed to both urban walks and extended rides in nature, making them suitable for all types of riders and rides.


The fascinating Chantal

A pleasant, English full-blood lady. A real diva, but with a great heart. Powerful and affectionate at the same time...


The young Joker

5 years old and son of Margherita. A proud and balanced horse who knows how to engage in everything he does. Gentle and suitable for all types of riders...


The proud Margherita

Our alpha female of the group. Proud, courageous and versatile, suitable for every type of rider...


The sweet Michelle

The Elder of the group and the children's mare. Balanced and docile. Perfect for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of riding on horseback even by being afraid...


The likeable Pascal

An American horse aged 7 years. Pleasant, extroverted and docile, suitable for all types of riders...


The beautiful Valzer

A jumper horse perfectly trained for flatwork. Capable of jumping with great emphasis, but also perfect for trekking. A true athlete with a gorgeous dark bay mantle...


The giant Vanda

A purebred, so called "Italian Rapid Heavy Draft Farm Horse". Powerful, gentle and gifted with a great personality...

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