Discover the fascinating northeast slope of Europe's largest active volcano

Mount Etna's territory, in particular the Mount Etna Park and the northeast slope of the volcano with the Ragabo Forest and the Linguaglossa area, offers a very varied and unique landscape. Valleys, woods, volcanic deserts, craters, lava flows, caves, monumental trees and a rich and varied flora affect the visitor, offering a breathtaking and fascinating spectacle. A unique experience made even more unforgettable on horseback...


Mount Etna

Mount Etna is one of the most active and tall volcanoes in the world and offers with its constant smoke, eruptions and lava flows a continuous spectacle. But even without this spectacular action, our majestic volcano is able to enchant the visitor with its magnificent landscape and breathtaking views that, on clear days, include the whole island and reach far beyond the shores of the mainland.

During the summer months you can experience all of these emotions with us, riding on horseback immersed in extraordinary nature, crossing spectacular lava flows and visiting various craters. This after having already lived the fascination of the Ragabo Forest, the starting point for our rides on Mount Etna. An adventure not to be missed and that will remain imprinted in your memories.


The Ragabo Forest

The Ragabo Forest - an oasis of peace and beauty in the heart of the Mount Etna Park, with pristine places where nature is the protagonist, presenting the visitor a real paradise consisting of larch, birch, chestnut and secular trees, and much more. An irreplaceable destination for every nature and mountain lover.

During the summer months our operating base is located at Rifugio Ragabo in the heart of the pine forest, what makes our horseback rides and excursions truly unforgettable. Our rides will take you through exciting trails among this fascinating forest, and then - on our longer rides - up towards the spectacular craters, crossing a unique and extraordinary landscape.


Linguaglossa and Surroundings

Linguaglossa is a municipality of Mount Etna Park on the northeast slope of the volcano, with an area extending for 58 km2 to the summit of the volcano, at an altitude of 550 to 2000 m a.s.l.. The town counts approx. 5'500 inhabitants and has many architectural and artistic properties including a large number of churches. Tourism is among the town's primary resources, alongside craft and agricultural activity.

The town is surrounded by a rich landscape with unique and particular features, which is the destination of our short to medium duration horseback rides in the non-summer months.


The Alcantara Gorges

The Alcantara gorges are an indispensable destination for lovers of naturalistic itineraries. Up to 25 meters high and 2 to 4-5 meters wide, the gorges are characterized by vertical lava stone walls among the flowing river. The natural canyon was probably formed by a basaltic lava flow that slowly cooled down, thus creating the characteristic pentagonal and hexagonal prismatic shapes.

The gorges are the destination of a one-day horseback riding itinerary available in the non-summer months.